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Mathematical beauty

The concept of art admits several interpretations, what makes really hard to define it, but one could say that most of them talk about its esthetical and communicative abilities to transmit ideas and feelings, in other words, everything to do with our emotional part.

It seems contradictory to talk about creating art through maths, a subject that reminds of precision, calculi, analysis... critical stuff linked to the rational thinking and, in appearance, incompatible with art.

However, this has changed thanks to a branch of mathematics which has been kept unstudied till the apparition of informatics, what made possible its recent and renovated study, and that gives us huge and unexplored territories to experiment today. This is Fractal Geometry.

From a mathematical point of view, we are talking about the best approximation known to describe and understand the designs that create nature, but it also allows creating amazing digital designs that let the artist express, commonly known as fractals.

A fractal is a graphic manifestation that represents the behaviour of a mathematical formula, which author has experimented till the desired aspect. That experimentation consists on the numeric adjustment of certain parameters, the introduction of little transformations and the good treatment of the colouring. With all that we get an approachable graphic environment which, a part from the planes' two dimensions, has a third dimension (non conventional) only accessible when zooming. It is in this virtual world where the creator can freely move and look for the most desired area and framing in order to finish the piece of art.

Fractal art has some very exclusive features...

Complexity: The complex functioning of formulas, apparently simple, is responsible of the great explosion of shapes and colours that give the fractals a high level of detail perceptible at different scales. This makes a piece of art with big proportions show very different details depending on the distance from where it is been watched, being more noticeable its self-similarity feature and the third dimension effect.

Ampliación de una imagen fractal

Perfection: The aspect of a fractal image is perfectly defined by the algorithm's configuration that draws it; this means that the formula and the numeric values set there are a unique distinguishing mark exclusive of the image. Knowing this data allows redrawing it as many times as wished, for example to keep on working on it, or to generate a copy from the original at higher resolution without losing quality (actually, it improves its definition).

Exclusivity: The formula that draws a fractal is very sensitive to the values in its parameters, so a slight variation in any of them produces a completely different image. Thanks to this, it is close to impossible to draw a fractal image again if you do not know the formula and the exact values employed originally, what prevents falsifications and allows proving who is the author of the image.

When observing a piece of fractal art in my collection, you won't be watching an image created just with a simple click on my mouse. These works have several hours of designing, frustration for not being able of avoid the mathematical forces, and moments of real excitement and fascination when I finally got what I really wanted...

Sergio CT

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